Vent Hood Repair


Particularly in food preparation, we don’t like the smell of the food we cook tainting the air circulation indoors, as well as sticking onto our clothes. We always prefer a pleasant indoor air quality and to achieve such requests, we need proper kitchen ventilation through the use of vent hoods.

While being intently positioned on top of stove, vent hoods are often taken for granted since it can be operated without an inch of difficulty. Basically, you just need to turn it on when you do the cooking and turn it off afterwards—and that’s about it. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Well, you can only wait until it starts malfunctioning and gives up on you.

Of course, you don’t want swishes of steam or smoke circulating around your kitchen and dining room, especially when you have arriving guests for dinner at home, right? Golden State Appliance Service will arrive at your house shortly after you make the call for assistance. We will uncover all underlying issues your broken vent hood may have and for you to be rest assured, we’re proud to say that our working technicians have years of experience to deliver high-quality diagnosis and repair for the job.



Most standard vent hoods today aren’t just designed for the sole purpose of air ventilation, but rather capable of giving additional assistance by casting some light over our stove. But, what if one day we turn on the switch and the lights don’t work? Well, you don’t have to scream your heart out already because this shouldn’t be a big of a deal. The probable cause may only be the hood light bulb being defective or already blown and needs to be replaced with a new one. However, if the hood light bulb looks just fine, then it might be caused by some faulty connections. Let us know and we will help you fix these fuse connections the very same day that you call.


Your vent hoods in operation and you hear some soft humming coming from it, what could that means? It’s not ghost, of course, rather the motor makes the sound. Specifically, the motor shaft bearing is probably already worn out and cannot keep up with its job anymore—it’s like they’re complaining. If your motor has oil spouts, you can make a DIY solution by lubricating the motor bearings with oil. But if it doesn’t work, then a motor replacement must be inserted instead.


Aside from soft humming, your vent hoods are also inclined to making loud noises during operation. However, it is more likely to happen if situated on a windy day as the wind affects the performance of the backdraft dampers of your vent hoods. It may take some time if you do it on your own but it’s going to be all worth it once you successfully fix it. But here’s a quick fix until you have the time to call us for a permanent solution. You can stick some kind of foam with an adhesive backing in between the damper flap and the frame. It will do the trick once you lift up the backdraft dampers and you’ll no longer hear any banging noise for a reasonable period of time.


Vent hoods are usually operated with a keypad or touchpad and if it’s not working, our vent hoods are rather useless. Before assuming the main control board is at fault, try pressing other buttons first to verify if some are working and only certain ones aren’t. If so, then the keypad or touchpad isn’t defective. But, if all buttons aren’t working all at once, then it’s safe to say that the main control board is the problem. And it’s time to call a vent hood repair specialist to diagnose the problem.